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Enterprise Elements as Building Blocks for Enterprise Anatomy
To create strategy, process, system, technology, implementation and operations elements, we need to deconstruct existing composite models around six enterprise variables. 

We have identified several methodologies to extract elements from different document formats. 

Simply put, Enterprise Anatomy is an inter-connected "model of models" of Business Elements and Technology Elements.  Every Enterprise has an Anatomy. Once you Discover, you can manage the underlying Change easily and efficiently. Isn't that the key to your business Growth?

  "​It is about solving “Enterprise” problems while iteratively and incrementally building out the inventory of complete, reusable, primitive models that constitute: Enterprise Architecture. " 
John Zachman 

Architecture Methodologies 

We have got 9 methodologies customized for quick start
  1. 1
    Extract Elements from Enterprise Compounds
    Extract Enterprise Elements ( Data, Function, Network, Rules, UI, Timing) from Enterprise Compounds (Composites)
  2. 2
    Create New Business Strategies
    Refine and create new business strategies using strategy elements
  3. 3
    Improve Business Processes
    Improve business processes by creating multiple target process using process elements
  4. 4
    Processes & Application Rationalization
    Use well proven methodology to rationalize Business Processes & Applications post M&A
  5. 5
    Define IT Architecture
    Create IT Architecture using IT elements (Data, Function, Network, Rules, UI, Timing)
  6. 6
    Create Enterprise Anatomy
    Create connected model of all sub models of the Enterprise, which is shared across Projects as a common resource
  7. 7
    COTS Selection
    COTS selection, Outsourcing components, Cloud based solutions
  8. 8
    Digital Transformation Across Departments
    Digital Transformation by aligning six enterprise variables across multiple departments
  9. 9
    Solve CEO problem
    Create multiple solutions to solve CEO problem in 30 days cycle