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Product Manager
Six easy steps to transform a Business idea to IT implementation

How to create an effective business case for a product or product line or a system?

How to use model-driven analysis, design, and architecture disciplines' best practices to reduce expenditure and time-to-market?

How to create effective traceability across IT elements for relationship matrix & change management?

Using Dashboard diagrams to manage status of requirements
Solution Owners, Architects
How to reduce design complexities?

How to Identify goals and drivers for an IT System?

How to create system requirements to support business goals?

How to use BPMN to model business processes?

How to conduct Impact Analysis and drill down analysis results quickly?

Learn how to create traces between specifications and implementations

How to use Decision Tables facility, based on the OMG Decision Model and Notation (DMN) for decision models across organizations via XML?

Deployment architecture using distributed clustering, fail-over, load-balancing for large-scale business applications.

Architecture Assessment Techniques, governance and metrics.
Project Managers
How to design for “everything is a service” ensuring software reuse, asset consolidation, time-to-market acceleration?

How to share common data, standards and modelling structures, without the complexity of using external version control tools?

Learn to discover, evaluate and validating requirements for a particular project

How to monitor phase, version, status, author of models?

How to create roadmap diagram to visualize how a system changes over time?

Model Management

Model Baselining and Differencing

Learn to define IT Models so that it traces back to business goal and requirements

Relationship between Enterprise Architecture frameworks and IT process life cycles

IT Architecture centered software development process      
Technology Architects, Enthusiasts
How to define Quality of Service (QoS) such as Reliability, Performance etc. on Functional Requirements using Quality Attributes?

How to differentiate between Conceptual, Logical and Physical (Technical) Data Models, Network, Application & Business rules?

How to translate Platform Independent Model (PIM) to a number of Platform Specific Models(PSM)?

How to produce UML Use Cases from Business Process Models?

How to translate Business rules into Technical rules?

Creating Android wireframes and understanding impact of change

How to use Decision Tables facility for modelling how a decision is made and generating code for the decisions?

Using simulation to validate behaviour of complex business, software and system behaviour

Visualization and Analysis of Code Execution

How to develop BPEL diagrams quickly?

How to define and specify QoS characteristics and parameters within UML models and minimize mismatches?

Use Model Driven Architecture (MDA) for developing architecture models, model-to-model transformation and model-to-code generation.      
IT Head
How to tackle IT Architecture challenges due to growing Application portfolio, Service-oriented architecture (SOA), Microservices, IoT and Cloud-based solutions?

How to manage growing portfolio of IT Applications?

How to balance conflicting demands of multiple stakeholders?

How to extend modelling best practices for service operations in a production environment?

Modeling risk scenarios and analyzing the risk conditions.

Mapping of performance metrics from the technology to the business outcomes

How does an enterprise architecture fit into the context of multiple disciplines such as project management, business process re-engineering etc.?

Major components of the EA that are required for success.

Utilize the Enterprise Architecture for Operational Decision Making.      
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