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My Architecture
IT Architecture for
Enterprise Systems
2 day hands-on workshop
IT Architecture for
​Enterprise Systems

Two Days Hands-on Workshop
If you plan to use IT Architecture for Business Differentiation, this workshop is for you.
  1. Testimonials
  2. Case studies
    Case studies
  3. IT Architecture Methodology
    IT Architecture Methodology
  4. Digital Transformation
    Digital Transformation
  5. IoT for Cloud Solutions
    IoT for Cloud Solutions

Key Features

1. Investment protection

2. Team vs Individuals

3. Key Focus (12 skills + Domain)

To serve and protect the organization’s interest towards Architecture driven IT investments (if a person trained & certified leaves the organization, we will train next person
​for FREE)
This unique program evaluates the team of IT architects/ designers ability to plan complex systems and implementation processes
T Architecture program imparts competency for business modeling, system envisioning, technology selection, system specification, and software process facilitation, domain knowledge etc.

4. Case studies

5. Idea to Implementation

7000 Trained

Real-time case studies on IT Architecture usage for digital transformation, product development, custom development, business transformation etc.
Managers can learn how to transform a Business idea to IT implementation in six steps, ensuring software reuse, asset consolidation, time-to-market acceleration.
Over 7000 Architects & Managers are trained across 20 countries

Industries & IT Solutions

  1. 2
  2. 6
    Healthcare, Pharma
  3. 5
    Electrical, Electronics
  4. 7
  5. 0
  6. 4
    Banking, Finance, Insurance
  7. 1
    Oil, Energy & Utility
  8. 3
    Airlines & Airports
  9. 8
    Government, Defense
  10. 9
    Media, Communications
  11. 10
    Universities, Education

Hands-on Case studies (Lab sessions)

  1. 1 - Deconstruct Business Process Model for multiple Targets
    Learn how business process is linked to Departments, People, Locations, Customers, Suppliers, Business rules Event, Time cycle, User Screen Database
  2. 2 - Realize QoS Framework for multiple stakeholders
    How to define QoS?, how to design systems to support QoS, how to define each QoS characteristics for multiple stakeholders, how to create a QoS reuse model
  3. 3 - System Modelling for managing change & complexity
    How to model systems to manage complexity? how to model for product line architecture? how to manage change in a consistent way? how to balance Performance and Reliability
  4. 4 - Digital Transformation
    How to create the key building blocks ( elements) of digital transformation to support Mobile Apps as new access channel, cloud-based deployment and IoT enabled systems
  5. 5 - Architecture for SOA, Microservices Solutions
    IT Anatomy provides well-integrated model of several IT Models. These sub models cover six variables and six perspectives. How to use these IT Architecture elements to create SOA models on the fly as well as support microservices.
  6. 6 - Architecture for IoT Solution for the Cloud
    How to use the "IT Anatomy" approach for developing a Solution Architecture for an IoT Solution with Microsoft Azure Cloud