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Use Enterprise Anatomy as a Unified Basis for
Business & Technology Solutions

Enterprise Anatomy

In order to manage complexity, it's important to re-define it in terms of six perspectives.

There are six perspectives for every enterprise, business function or system. These are strategy, processes, systems, technology, implementations and operation.

Each perspective will be refined using six enterprise variables (function, rules, processes, network, data, time, etc. 

Simply put, Enterprise Anatomy is an inter-connected "model of models" of Business Elements and Technology Elements.  Every Enterprise has an Anatomy. Once you Discover, you can manage the underlying Change easily and efficiently. Isn't that the key to your business Growth
  1. Find Elements for Six Perspectives
    Find Elements for Six Perspectives
    Using deconstruction techniques, discover & define strategy, process, system, technology, implementation and operational elements.
  2. Current Project
    Current Project
    Understand business challenges and technology challenges.
  3. Enterprise Anatomy
    Enterprise Anatomy
    All the elements are connected across perspectives as well as six variables ( data, function, network, role, time, rules)
  4. Solution Methodologies
    Solution Methodologies
    Create new business and solution on the fly by reusing architecture elements
Enterprise Anatomy: Financial Solutions
  1. Future Growth
    Support the future growth of financial business
  2. Digital Solutions
    Orientation to digitize the banking service for customers.
  3. Customer Excellence
    Deliver Customer Excellence, ease of use, low cost, easy access
  4. Time to Response
    Reduce the amount of time it takes to gather information, understand, strategize, & create technology changes.
  5. Managing Resources
    Reduce the amount of time and domain experts required for impact assessment
  6. Reduce Costs
    Reduction in project costs, better insight to scope of proposed changes
  7. New Services
    New functionality can be delivered quickly and with fewer resources 
  8. Business volumes
    Able to respond with agility to market pressure and client demand 
  9. Market Penetration
    Reaching out to new customer segment
Enterprise Anatomy: Technical Solutions
  1. Infrastructure Upgrade
    Technology is a critical part in banking industry, so as the Technology "Change"
  2. Reinvent Mobile Banking
    How to add new transactional services to Mobile Applications regularly
  3. Digital Interactive Facilities
    How to add and modify digital facilities to the Customers for better engagement
  4. Common and Integrated Software Platforms
    Centralized soltutions that closely integrated with up-stream and downstream systems across Finance, Regulatory, Risk, Data Integration, Ops & Fund Accounting, Financial Control, Corporate Finance,
  5. Virtual Database Platform
    Demand for data storage is continuing to grow every year. An average application requires several copies of production data. How do you support Application databases need for storage without increasing maintenance costs.
  6. SOA, Microservices Implementation
    Ensuring agility is service delivery, customization and ease of change
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Our team has engaged with leading financial service providers across the globe. You can leverage their experience in shortening your solution cycle. 

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