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Day 3 - 29 Nov

Keynote sessions

  1. John Zachman
    John Zachman
    Enterprise Ontology - What is it? How to Use it?
  2. John Zachman
    John Zachman
    The Enterprise - Issue of the century

Panel Discussion - (11.00 am to 12.00 pm )
Chief Strategy Officer vs Chief Information Officer - Where Enterprise Architecture Should Report? 

In Today's context, often Enterprise Architecture is being seen as "Enterprise-wide IT Architecture". That's why Chief Enterprise Architect reports to CIO? But, are we limiting the value? Enterprise Architecture is a multi-disciplinary approach to create, operate and manage Enterprises.

It's about a business idea to operations, wherein IT plays a definite and important role, but it goes beyond IT t other departments (function units) like Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Support, Finance etc. Can we unlock the potential of EA by changing the reporting plan?

In Linkedin, there are few thousands of professionals with suffix/prefix Architecture (in the context of IT & Enterprise), but there are few millions of CEOs listed out there.

Is it fair to say that Enterprise Architecture should report to Chief Strategist? It could be CSO or CEO? Let's debate.

Track Sessions (1) - Business & Digital Transformation

  1. Digital Transformation Journey
    Digital Transformation Journey
    Digital strategy that combines its delivery and Operational expertise. As a result of this initiative, India Development Centre has revamped its Enterprise Architecture Standards, consolidated its application landscape, refined Reference Architectures, revisited Technology Stack, modernized Business processes, built new competencies, and made Innovation as part of the Organization culture.  
  2. Endeavour Energy - Optimus Transformation Programme
    Endeavour Energy - Optimus Transformation Programme
    The collective challenge was primarily two-fold: First - balance the demands of transitioning the business from a State Owned Entity to a Private Entity and second - fundamentally transforming the business culturally to a customer-centric, technologically adept enterprise while embracing our diversity.
  3. Digital Telco - Rethinking the Digital Approach
    Digital Telco - Rethinking the Digital Approach
    In today’s digital-focused world, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are under pressure to provide a wider range of services faster and more efficiently while continuously improving the customer experience. In addition, they face fierce competition from agile over-the-top service providers with streamlined, interactive offerings. In the face of rapidly changing market demands, CSPs need tighter control of operational expenses and flexible solutions to increasingly complex business operating models.

Track Sessions (2) - Strategy to Executions

  1. Central Agencies G-CAR Process
    Central Agencies G-CAR Process
    The IA Baseline was created for the benefit of all ministries within CAC, to serve as a guide for future application integration and business intelligence solution opportunities.The business solution opportunities aid businesses of a common nature (i.e. Government Decision Making, Budgeting & Finances, Taxation, Benefits, and Procurement) by providing enterprise-wide reusable common components.
  2. Dubai Customs - Smart Refund
    Dubai Customs - Smart Refund
    Improve Business by Improving Process (Smart Refund)
  3. Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) Reference Architecture and Business Capability Programme
    Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) Reference Architecture and Business Capability Programme
    In 2016 Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) was formed through the merger of three leading Coca-Cola bottlers in Europe creating the world’s largest independent Coca-Cola bottler based on net revenues with an objective to drive growth within the Western European Market and efficiencies by leveraging economies of scale. The systems estate was diverse produced from CCEP’s creation, as well as some residue of prior mergers. The estate is also large, frequently highly aged, with a number of systems fragmented along each business process which require modernization.

Track Sessions (3) -  Technology Solutions

  1. Digital Supply Chain
    Digital Supply Chain
    Data-driven Responsive Supply Chain demonstrates a manifestation of "Digital Supply Chain" and allows companies to avoid supply chain disruptions and minimize the damage by streaming and predicatively evaluating shop floor data to mitigate risks before they become critical incidents.
  2. Modern Application Workbench
    Modern Application Workbench
    The Modern Application Workbench is a set of pre-integrated, ready-to-use binding code and automation resources that support the rapid and controlled development of modern digital applications for enterprise-scale projects, thus producing thousands of microservices and hundreds of SPA applications. It prescribes and incorporates major modern design patterns so developers of many individual teams can produce business code easily and in a standardized architectural way.
  3. Pet Shipments - Making the Process Transparent and Streamlined
    Pet Shipments - Making the Process Transparent and Streamlined
    Concerns around the safety and comfort of the pet in transit are top of their mind. The nitty-gritties in the process such as booking a pet shipment, meeting documentation needs, making the right shipping arrangements, choosing the optimum route and interacting with the airline staff while the pet is being shipped, make it more challenging. Accepting pet shipments is a huge responsibility for an airline too.

Panel Discussion: John Zachman in Conversation with CIOs and Technology Leaders

Award Function, 6:45 pm - 10:00pm