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My Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Provides Us With The Best Structure for Managing Complexity inside an Enterprise, Every Enterprise.

Increased Performance


Industry Insights
How Architecture facilitates and significantly shortens the time-to-market to add new business service
How Architecture delivered against the abundance of incoming regulatory requirements.
New Risk Calculation, Datastores, Single validation infrastructure, Uniform Interfaces
Journey to become “Direct Universal Bank”

Strategy execution, Process change, Technology upgrade, Direct channels
Need for Enterprise Architects
Trial and error with a live Enterprise is a risky and expensive idea.
An Enterprise needs Enterprise Doctor 

Enterprise Doctor who understands Enterprise Anatomy and
​not just one organ system of the enterprise.

Biggest challenge with Enterprise Architecture Consulting is the lack of quality practitioners.
That's why our NEW service. 
On demand, Video based Consultation
Redefine Complexity

Re-define Complexity with Six Perspectives & Six Variables

Enterprise Perspectives

In order to manage complexity, it's important to re-define it in terms of six stages of transformation outside your brain. 

There are six perspectives for every enterprise, business function or system. These are strategy, processes, systems, technology, implementations and operation.

Each perspective will be refined using six enterprise variables (function, rules, processes, network, data, time, etc.

Why Discover Enterprise Anatomy?

Almost all Enterprise disorders and opportunities are linked to multiple functional areas.

 The Enterprise Anatomy consists of many interacting systems such as Sales, Engineering, Production, Marketing, Support, IT, etc. 
Each of the department consists of strategies, processes, technologies, etc. which in turn are collections of six variables (data, function, location, role, time, rules).
Each system (department) contributes to the functioning of the Enterprise. 

Each Function Elements as
Building Blocks for Enterprise Anatomy

To create strategy, process, system, technology, implementation and operations elements, we need to deconstruct existing composite models around six enterprise variables. 

Simply put, Enterprise Anatomy is an inter-connected "model of models" of Business Elements and Technology Elements.  Every Enterprise has an Anatomy. Once you Discover, you can manage the underlying Change easily and efficiently. Isn't that the key to your business Growth?

We have identified several methodologies to extract elements from different document formats. 

  "​It is about solving “Enterprise” problems while iteratively and incrementally building out the inventory of complete, reusable, primitive models that constitute: Enterprise Architecture. " 
John Zachman 
Testimonials - Enterprise Anatomy
  1. Let Us Do The Work For You
    Our consultants are happy to assist your Enterprise in creating its “Enterprise Anatomy” and solve your Business Problems “on the fly”
  2. Mudit Sexena, COO - Healthcare Global
    Very useful for designing strategy tool to ensure all influencers are considererd
  3. Surendra Shetty Chief Information Officer – UAE Exchange – Dubai
    Very useful for Management and Middle-management teams to start visualizing the challenges as Enterprise challenges rather than in silos.
  4. Conor Obrien Researcher – Innovative Value Institute – Switzerland
    Great insight into the use of Architectural Analysis Methods.

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